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Applications for the 2017-18 school year are now being accepted.

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Still accepting applications for grades 4-12!

Why BASIS Ahwatukee?

BASIS Ahwatukee offers the same rigorous academic program as the award-winning BASIS schools in Scottsdale and Tucson, while taking into account the previous educational background of all incoming students. In grades 4-7 the program focuses on building organizational and study skills and creating a deep knowledge base necessary for students to tackle the demanding AP-based curriculum which starts in 8th grade.

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I have been very impressed with how my daughter is continuing to develop a sense of responsibility about her school work. We started here when she was in the 4th grade and have had nothing but great experiences with the teachers and staff.

BASIS Ahwatukee parent


This is one of the best schools in the East Valley. Challenging school environment , well-disciplined kids, and excellent teaching staff.

BASIS Ahwatukee parent

Did You Know?  

  • BASIS Ahwatukee is a TUITION-FREE, public charter school.
  • BASIS Ahwatukee believes in physical health as much as intellectual development, which is why we offer a variety of sports from basketball and volleyball and fencing. The students who participate in sports are able to balance outside activities with academic success, as achieving that balance is one of the skills they learn at BASIS!
  • BASIS Ahwatukee is a school for any student who values deep, life-long learning and is willing to work hard and focus on mastering any and all subjects and interests. Welcome, one and all!
  • BASIS Ahwatukee has a vibrant arts program that includes music, theater, and visual arts, which is available to all students.

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